All Things Lashes

Beautiful eyes are the first thing people notice about you. Make the most of all the latest innovations in lash enhancements. From a simple eyelash tint to a full set of extensions, there are many options.


Lash Extensions bring you instant glamour. Skillful application puts one individual lash onto one of your own; this looks amazingly natural, nobody can see where the false lash starts and your own lash ends! People will look in envy, at what they believe are your incredible, long lashes. With top ups, they can last for several weeks. Your therapist will guide you in choosing the length, shape and weight of the lash that will give you the perfect look.

False lashes are stuck onto your lashes with black medical grade adhesive, therefore care is necessary to safe-guard your eyes.
The application of a full set of lash extensions is a technical skill and you should check the credentials of the salon first. It is important to know the professionalism of your therapist before any treatment involving your eyes.

For a faster application of individual lashes, Express Lashes are now popular for parties and holidays. These lash extensions are applied in a less specific manner, allowing the therapist to insert a full set of lashes in 40 minutes. These should last for up to two weeks.

LVL Lashes are the latest innovation in lash treatments. The lashes are lifted from the roots and solution applied which changes the shape and locks it into place. The lashes are tinted to give a defined longer, appearance; this lasts for up to six weeks. There is no maintenance required, so this is great solution for ladies who prefer a natural, yet glamorous look.

Whichever eyelash treatment you feel will work for you; make sure you have a thorough consultation with your beauty therapist first to establish your desired outcome.