Facial Treatments

A monthly deep cleansing, regenerating facial will keep your skin in optimum condition.

Radio Frequency Facials:

Radio Frequency Super-Facial

Thermal Collagen boosting, skin tightening and youth enhancing:   £67.50

RF course: one a week for ten weeks

We recommend a course of ten facials to achieve maximum accumulative result**:  10% discount on course

RF-CACI Combo Facial   

Combine the world's two best technologies in one amazing facial: microdermabrasion, product infusion, muscle toning, collagen skin tightening:   £76

Dermalux LED Facials:

For visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. 20 min treatment:   £45.00

Dermalux LED course of 10:

We recommend a course of ten facials to achieve best results. We would suggest twice week for three weeks, then once week for four weeks**: £380  

Dermalux in combination with:

£25 for the 20 minute treatment, if taken with another (suitable) treatment simultaneously, i.e. pedicure or soak off gels.

£25 for 10 minutes mini treatment, when added on after another facial. 

Dermalux LED Teen Facial:

Teen facial Dermalux Light only: £26

Teen facial Dermalux Light plus facial: £350

Galvaderm Facials:

The Galvaderm Facial

A gentle electrical facial that combines specialist ampoules with galvanic current to deeply hydrate and ensure the results last for weeks, perfect for all skin types:   £55.50

The Galvaderm DeLuxe

Or for something extra special, upgrade to The Galvaderm DeLuxe which includes a deeply hydrating and firming collagen mask and a revitalising massage. Pure bliss!:   £62.50


Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion

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If you feel your skin is dull, lacks vitality, is congested or simply needs a kick start then this treatment is for you. The whole facial takes an hour:   £57.50

Microdermabrasion course 10%discount


Other Facials:

Deep Cleansing Facial

Steaming and electrical cathiodermie are at the heart of this curative facial. Acne prone skin requires specialist care, through this personalised treatment your skin will be nurtured back to health:   £50

Balinese Spa Facial

Experience the most relaxing facial ever, while candles flicker and Balinese folk music plays.
This indulgent facial starts with a lavender infused tropical steam, accompanied by lemongrass and Citrus exfoliation. Indian head massage combined with lymphatic drainage massage using warmed aromatic oil relaxes and revives, an herbal mask completes the facial:   £56

Teen or Express facial 

Deep cleansing and educational for male & female teenagers.

Also suitable for adults in a hurry; targets the key issues of your skin


Peel & Reveal

Gentle peeling facial using 5 natural occurring fruit acids. 40 minutes to unbelievably soft clear skin £40


CACI Facials:

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CACI Classic non surgical face lift

Toning and firming, works to restore and redefine facial muscles, thus reducing lines and wrinkles. After a course of treatment you will see significant improvement to the contours of your face and the condition of your skin:   £62.50

CACI course of 10

We recommend a course of 10 sessions to achieve maximum accumulative result**:   £562.50

You can also enjoy this treatment whilst simultaneously tightening and toning sagging body muscles, see the body treatments section.

CACI Ultra

A facial treatment that firms and tones the muscles and contours of the face, as well as improving the texture of the skin. It is longer than the normal CACI and includes: sonic peeling, Red & Blue LED light therapy and  CACI's patented "Wrinkle Comb" for deep wrinkle resolution, the combined result is smooth, toned, radiant skin:   £71.50

CACI Hydratone Facial

An intensive skin hydration and face firming in just 45 minutes. Great if you don't have much time. It also makes an ideal addition to a DeLuxe Manicure or Pedicure. Alternatively add it onto a CACI or Microdermabrasion facial for extra hydration:   £55.50

CACI Jowl Lift

Concentrating the CACI firming magic on the lower half of the face. Fast and effective zoned treatment £37.50

CACI Eye Revive

Reduce all the signs of age around the eyes: Puffiness decreased by lymphatic drainage, brow lifted with muscle toning, dry skin softened with specialist hydration mask: £37.50

The Ultimate Combo Facials - Probably the BEST facials in the World!

The Ultimate Combo Lifting Facial

This combo facial offers the complete youth enhansing treatment in one luxurious, yet effective facial. After cleansing with fragrant plant extract products, the skin is prepared with gentle Diamond Microdermabrasion. This reveals, fresh, luminous skin. The complexion is brightened and fine lines reduced. Then follows the legendary CACI muscle toning, to lift and define contours. The whole 1hr 30 mins facial experience is completed with the specialist, hydrating, hyaluronic mask, resulting in transformed, youthful skin:   £69

The Ultimate Combo Hydrating Facial

This is no ordinary facial. We has devised this treatment by combining all the best elements from several different facials. It delivers the most superb results: smooth soft skin, clear complexion, relaxation and pampering... Sounds too good to be true? It begins with the gentle but amazing Diamond Microdermabrasion, which removes dead skin cells revealing a brighter, fresher, smooth complexion. This is followed by a prescription galvanic treatment, tailored to your skin’s specific requirement. Then comes the deep relaxation shoulder, neck and face massage and the whole 1hr 30 mins is rounded off with the divine soothing gel mask:   £69

** All courses are payable in advance. 

Which Facial is best for me?

There are many facials to choose from, it can be tricky knowing which one to book at your salon. A reputable salon should guide you and during a thorough consultation, recommend an appropriate treatment. The beauty therapist is after all, the expert and knows the range of treatments and products available to them.

Facials can vary, from basic cleansing, to an advanced non-surgical firming, electrical treatment, utilising state of the art machines. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation for an hour or you want to make a dramatic change to the appearance of your skin, a facial can always be an enjoyable experience. In the competent hands of a professional therapist, you can achieve results that improve acne or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Once a month is a good frequency for maintenance, but if you wish to achieve real change to your skin, you may need a course of weekly treatments.

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments; this thorough facial removes dead skin cells and reveals fresher brighter cells, which reflect more light. The softening effect of this facial means you enjoy the benefits for weeks after the treatment. 

CACI Micro-Lift Anti-age treatment is the best on the market for reducing the signs of aging. Electrical current is passed through the muscles of the face and neck, toning and lifting to produce a firmer jaw line and lifted brow.

Fruit acid peels are great for refreshing the complexion and minimising scars; they can also improve fine lines and enable the skin to absorb extra moisture, giving the surface a moisture surge. 

Red Light Therapy is the latest innovation in cell regeneration and is very effective in the battle against wrinkle formation.

Whichever facial you have, it should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling pampered, with glowing skin and sense of wellbeing.